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Ardu-imconvert, a desktop image converter for Arduboy/Arduino

22 November 2017 - #qt #arduino

I released what I consider as the final version of my image converter for the Arduboy: ardu-imconvert.

The Arduboy

First, for those who don’t know what is the Arduboy, it is a very small video game console based on an arduino 8-bit microcontroller (ATmega 32u4) with the following features:

You can find more information on their website:

In my opinion it misses some features to be a viable video game alternative but as a development platform it’s a very enjoyable piece of hardware.

The image converter

The screen of the Arduboy is black and white and due to space restrictions (32KB Flash) you just can’t work directly on images and need to convert them to data arrays.

That’s why I created ardu-imconvert which focuses on real time display and format of converted data with a set of useful features like:

It is written in C++, uses Qt5 and is released under GPLv3.


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